P.O. Box Tinto Brass (1995)

Poster of P.O. Box Tinto Brass (1995)
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Title:P.O. Box Tinto Brass
Original Title:Fermo posta Tinto Brass
Director:Tinto Brass
Country: Italy
Language: Italiano
Runtime:81 min.

 Production Company:Produttori Associati, California Film


This film is a series of letters, photos and video cassettes which women often send in to certain newspapers. By visualizing their story-telling (the name given by the psychologists to their fantasies) the film portrays the confessions, the secret longings, the adventures, recollections, dreams, desires and fantasies of these women. It is an open secret that most women dream of forbidden affairs, secret lovers and hasty encounters but when it comes down to it they lack the courage to pursue their dreams.

Photo of Tinto Brass
Photo of Cinzia Roccaforte
Photo of Cristina Rinaldi
Photo of Erika Savastani
Photo of Gaia Zucchi
Photo of Carla Solaro
Photo of Gabriella Barbuti
Photo of Alessandra Antonelli
Photo of Laura Gualtieri
Photo of Sara Cosmi
Photo of Claudia Biagiotti
Photo of Paolo Lanza
Photo of Pascal Persiano
Photo of Luca Flauto
Photo of Ghibly F. Lombardi
Photo of Gianni Demartiis
Photo of Maurizio Prudenzi
Photo of Cristian Marazziti
Photo of Susanna Bugatti
Photo of Anita Divizia
Photo of Stefania Corradetti
Photo of Sabrina Romeo
Photo of Laura Paparesta
Photo of Walter Carrera
Photo of Fabrizio Casula
Photo of Manuel De Peppe
Photo of Mario Agnoletti
Photo of Thomas Semeraro

Name : Tinto Brass

As Directing / Director

Name : Tinto Brass

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Tinto Brass

As Writing / Story

Name : Aurelio Grimaldi

As Writing / Writer

Name : Claudio Lizza

As Writing / Writer

Name : Giovanni Bertolucci

As Production / Producer

Name : Massimo Ferrero

As Production / Producer

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