The Apartment (1960)

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Title:The Apartment
Director:Billy Wilder, Hal W. Polaire, David Salven, May Wale Brown
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime:125 min.
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance

 Production Company:United Artists, The Mirisch Company


Bud Baxter is a minor clerk in a huge New York insurance company, until he discovers a quick way to climb the corporate ladder. He lends out his apartment to the executives as a place to take their mistresses. Although he often has to deal with the aftermath of their visits, one night he's left with a major problem to solve.

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Photo of Shirley MacLaine
Photo of Fred MacMurray
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Photo of Jack Kruschen
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Photo of Hope Holiday
Photo of Joan Shawlee
Photo of Naomi Stevens
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Photo of Joyce Jameson
Photo of Willard Waterman
Photo of David White
Photo of Edie Adams
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Name : Billy Wilder

As Production / Producer

Name : Adolph Deutsch

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Joseph LaShelle

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Daniel Mandell

As Editing / Editor

Name : Alexandre Trauner

As Art / Art Direction

Name : Edward G. Boyle

As Art / Set Decoration

Name : Harry Ray

As Costume & Make-Up / Makeup Artist

Name : Allen K. Wood

As Production / Production Manager

Name : Milt Rice

As Crew / Special Effects

Name : Don Stott

As Lighting / Gaffer

Name : Billy Wilder

As Directing / Director

Name : Billy Wilder

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : I. A. L. Diamond

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Alice Monte

As Costume & Make-Up / Hairstylist

Name : Hal W. Polaire

As Directing / Assistant Director

Name : David Salven

As Directing / Assistant Director

Name : Del Harris

As Sound / Sound Effects Editor

Name : Fred Lau

As Sound / Sound

Name : Robert Martin

As Sound / Boom Operator

Name : William Schurr

As Camera / Camera Operator

Name : Sid Sidney

As Sound / Music Editor

Name : John Williams

As Sound / Orchestrator

Name : Miriam Nelson

As Crew / Choreographer

Name : Joe Palma

As Crew / Stand In

Name : Doane Harrison

As Production / Associate Producer

Name : May Wale Brown

As Directing / Script Supervisor

Name : Tom Plews

As Art / Property Master

Name : I. A. L. Diamond

As Production / Associate Producer

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