Saw III (2006)

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Title:Saw III
Director:Darren Lynn Bousman
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime:108 min.
Genre:Horror, Thriller, Crime

 Production Company:Lions Gate Films, Twisted Pictures, Evolution Entertainment


Jigsaw has disappeared. Along with his new apprentice Amanda, the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detective scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon and Jeff Reinhart are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.

Photo of Tobin Bell
Photo of Shawnee Smith
Photo of Angus Macfadyen
Photo of Bahar Soomekh
Photo of Dina Meyer
Photo of Kim Roberts
Photo of Donnie Wahlberg
Photo of Leigh Whannell
Photo of J. Larose
Photo of Betsy Russell
Photo of Costas Mandylor
Photo of Niamh Wilson
Photo of Dylan Trowbridge

Name : Leigh Whannell

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Mark Burg

As Production / Producer

Name : Oren Koules

As Production / Producer

Name : Charlie Clouser

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Charlie Clouser

As Sound / Music

Name : David A. Armstrong

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Kevin Greutert

As Editing / Editor

Name : Darren Lynn Bousman

As Directing / Director

Name : Stephanie Gorin

As Production / Casting

Name : David Hackl

As Art / Production Design

Name : Alex Kavanagh

As Costume & Make-Up / Costume Design

Name : Anthony Ianni

As Art / Art Direction

Name : Liesl Deslauriers

As Art / Set Decoration

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