The Handmaiden (2016)

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Title:The Handmaiden
Original Title:아가씨
Director:Park Chan-wook
Country: South Korea
Language: 日本語, 한국어/조선말.
Runtime:145 min.
Genre:Thriller, Drama, Romance

 Production Company:CJ Entertainment, Moho Film, Yong Film


1930s Korea, in the period of Japanese occupation, a new girl (Sookee) is hired as a handmaiden to a Japanese heiress (Hideko) who lives a secluded life on a large countryside estate with her domineering Uncle (Kouzuki). But the maid has a secret. She is a pickpocket recruited by a swindler posing as a Japanese Count to help him seduce the Lady to elope with him, rob her of her fortune, and lock her up in a madhouse. The plan seems to proceed according to plan until Sookee and Hideko discover some unexpected emotions.

Photo of Kim Min-hee
Photo of Kim Tae-Ri
Photo of Ha Jung-woo
Photo of Cho Jin-woong
Photo of Kim Hae-sook
Photo of Moon So-ri
Photo of Lee Dong-Hwi
Photo of Lee Yong-nyeo

Name : Park Chan-wook

As Directing / Director

Name : Park Chan-wook

As Production / Producer

Name : Park Chan-wook

As Writing / Writer

Name : Chung Chung-hoon

As Crew / Cinematography

Name : Kim Sang-beom

As Editing / Editor

Name : Seong-hie Ryu

As Art / Production Design

Name : Jeong Seo-gyeong

As Writing / Writer

Name : Young-wuk Cho

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Sarah Waters

As Writing / Novel

Name : Syd Lim

As Production / Producer

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