The Star (2017)

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Title:The Star
Director:Timothy Reckart
Country: United States of America
Language: English, Italiano, svenska.
Runtime:86 min.
Genre:Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation

 Production Company:Franklin Entertainment, Sony Pictures Animation


A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the unsung heroes of the greatest story ever told, the first Christmas.

Photo of Steven Yeun
Photo of Keegan-Michael Key
Photo of Aidy Bryant
Photo of Oprah Winfrey
Photo of Tyler Perry
Photo of Gina Rodriguez
Photo of Zachary Levi
Photo of Kelly Clarkson
Photo of Christopher Plummer
Photo of Tracy Morgan
Photo of Kristin Chenoweth
Photo of Anthony Anderson
Photo of Ving Rhames
Photo of Gabriel Iglesias
Photo of Patricia Heaton
Photo of Kris Kristofferson
Photo of Mariah Carey
Photo of Fred Tatasciore
Photo of Kari Wahlgren
Photo of Gregg Berger
Photo of Joel Osteen
Photo of Lex Lang
Photo of Roger Craig Smith
Photo of William Townsend
Photo of Stephen Apostolina
Photo of Kirk Baily
Photo of David Cowgill
Photo of June Christopher
Photo of Eddie Frierson
Photo of Rif Hutton
Photo of Mona Marshall
Photo of Caitlin McKenna-Wilkinson
Photo of Scott Menville
Photo of Warren Sroka
Photo of Pepper Sweeney
Photo of Grant George
Photo of Bridget Hoffman
Photo of Moira Quirk
Photo of Michelle Ruff
Photo of Joseph Sanfelippo
Photo of Justin Shenkarow

Name : Timothy Reckart

As Directing / Director

Name : Tommy Sheridan

As Writing / Writer

Name : Simon Moore

As Writing / Writer

Name : Carlos Kotkin

As Writing / Writer

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