Hello Brother (1999)

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Title:Hello Brother
Director:Sohail Khan
Country: India
Language: हिन्दी, English.
Runtime:139 min.
Genre:Comedy, Romance

 Production Company:G.S. Entertainment, Video Sound


Hero (Salman Khan) loves Rani (Rani Mukerji), but she doesn't. Hero, meanwhile, is a loyal worker at A-Z, a courier company helm ed by baddie Khanna (Shakti Kapoor). The man actually distributes drugs around the city, the Tough cop Inspector Vishal (Arbaaz Khan) arrives in the city and starts trailing Hero whom he suspects to be involved in the racket. But the poor unsuspecting Hero is innocent. So when he stumbles upon the truth, Khanna has him bumped off. At the same time, he manages to shoot Vishal in the heart. A heart transplant takes place and Hero's heart is given to Vishal. Hero's spirit comes back to avenge his death, but only Vishal can see him. Since Hero's heart beats for Rani, it is only natural for Vishal to fall in love with Rani. And fortunately, she too falls in love with him.

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Name : Sohail Khan

As Directing / Director

Name : Sohail Khan

As Writing / Dialogue

Name : Sohail Khan

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Bunty Walia

As Production / Producer

Name : Sajid Ali

As Sound / Music

Name : Wajid Ali

As Sound / Music

Name : Himesh Reshammiya

As Sound / Music

Name : Santosh Thundiiayil

As Crew / Cinematography

Name : Usury Khan

As Editing / Editor

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