The Omen (1976)

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Title:The Omen
Director:Richard Donner, David Tomblin, Steve Lanning
Country: United Kingdom, United States of America.
Language: English, Italiano, Latin.
Runtime:111 min.
Genre:Horror, Thriller

 Production Company:Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Mace Neufeld Productions


Immediately after their miscarriage, the US diplomat Robert Thorn adopts the newborn Damien without the knowledge of his wife. Yet what he doesn’t know is that their new son is the son of the devil. A classic horror film with Gregory Peck from 1976.

Photo of Gregory Peck
Photo of Lee Remick
Photo of David Warner
Photo of Billie Whitelaw
Photo of Harvey Stephens
Photo of Patrick Troughton
Photo of Martin Benson
Photo of Robert Rietty
Photo of Tommy Duggan
Photo of John Stride
Photo of Holly Palance
Photo of Anthony Nicholls
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Photo of Robert MacLeod
Photo of Bruce Boa
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Photo of Dawn Perllman
Photo of Nancy Mannigham
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Photo of Nicholas Campbell
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Photo of Freda Dowie
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Photo of Harvey Bernhard
Photo of Michael Byrne
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Photo of Bill Reimbold

Name : Richard Donner

As Directing / Director

Name : David Seltzer

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Harvey Bernhard

As Production / Producer

Name : Mace Neufeld

As Production / Executive Producer

Name : Charles Orme

As Production / Producer

Name : Jerry Goldsmith

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Gilbert Taylor

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Stuart Baird

As Editing / Editor

Name : Maude Spector

As Production / Casting

Name : Carmen Dillon

As Art / Art Direction

Name : Stuart Freeborn

As Costume & Make-Up / Makeup Artist

Name : Claude Hudson

As Production / Production Manager

Name : Patricia McDermott

As Costume & Make-Up / Hairstylist

Name : David Tomblin

As Directing / Assistant Director

Name : Steve Lanning

As Directing / Assistant Director

Name : George Ball

As Crew / Property Master

Name : Tessa Davies

As Costume & Make-Up / Set Dressing Artist

Name : George Richardson

As Art / Assistant Art Director

Name : John Chisholm

As Crew / Property Master

Name : John Richardson

As Crew / Special Effects

Name : George Gibbs

As Crew / Special Effects

Name : Alf Joint

As Crew / Stunt Coordinator

Name : Vic Armstrong

As Crew / Stunts

Name : Gerry Anstiss

As Camera / Camera Operator

Name : Peter Bloor

As Lighting / Electrician

Name : Tiny Nicholls

As Costume & Make-Up / Costume Supervisor

Name : Chris Ridsdale

As Editing / Assistant Editor

Name : Arthur Morton

As Sound / Orchestrator

Name : Lionel Newman

As Sound / Additional Soundtrack

Name : Bernard Hanson

As Production / Location Manager

Name : Elaine Schreyeck

As Crew / Other

Name : Bob Penn

As Camera / Still Photographer

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