Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

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Title:Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Director:Steven Spielberg, Charlsie Bryant
Country: United States of America
Language: हिन्दी, English, Français, Español.
Runtime:135 min.
Genre:Science Fiction, Drama

 Production Company:Columbia Pictures Corporation, EMI Films, Julia Phillips and Michael Phillips Productions


After an encounter with UFOs, a line worker feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.

Photo of Richard Dreyfuss
Photo of François Truffaut
Photo of Teri Garr
Photo of Melinda Dillon
Photo of Bob Balaban
Photo of J. Patrick McNamara
Photo of Warren J. Kemmerling
Photo of Cary Guffey
Photo of Justin Dreyfuss
Photo of Lance Henriksen
Photo of Merrill Connally
Photo of Amy Douglass
Photo of Gene Dynarski
Photo of Carl Weathers
Photo of Norman Bartold
Photo of F.J. O'Neil
Photo of Hal Barwood
Photo of Phil Dodds
Photo of Matthew Robbins
Photo of David Anderson
Photo of Gene Rader
Photo of Daniel Nunez
Photo of Chuy Franco
Photo of Luis Contreras
Photo of Galen Thompson
Photo of John Dennis Johnston
Photo of Robert Broyles
Photo of Monty Jordan
Photo of Basil Hoffman
Photo of Stephen Powers
Photo of George DiCenzo
Photo of Alexander Lockwood
Photo of Roberts Blossom
Photo of Josef Sommer
Photo of Bill Thurman
Photo of James Keane
Photo of J. Allen Hynek
Photo of Howard K. Smith
Photo of Adrienne Campbell
Photo of Philip Dodds
Photo of Shawn Bishop
Photo of Mary Gafrey
Photo of Michael J. Dyer
Photo of Roger Ernest
Photo of Randy Hermann
Photo of Richard L. Hawkins
Photo of Craig Shreeve
Photo of Roy E. Richards
Photo of Eumenio Blanco
Photo of Dennis McMullen
Photo of Cy Young
Photo of Tom Howard
Photo of Richard Stuart
Photo of Bob Westmoreland
Photo of Matt Emery
Photo of John Ewing
Photo of Kirk Raymond
Photo of Keith Atkinson
Photo of Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.

Name : John Williams

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Steven Spielberg

As Directing / Director

Name : Steven Spielberg

As Writing / Writer

Name : Michael Kahn

As Editing / Editor

Name : Juliet Taylor

As Production / Casting

Name : Joe Alves

As Art / Production Design

Name : Phil Abramson

As Art / Set Decoration

Name : Clark L. Paylow

As Production / Producer

Name : Buddy Joe Hooker

As Crew / Stunt Coordinator

Name : Vilmos Zsigmond

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Julia Phillips

As Production / Producer

Name : Michael Phillips

As Production / Producer

Name : Shari Rhodes

As Production / Casting

Name : Daniel A. Lomino

As Art / Art Direction

Name : Matthew Robbins

As Writing / Writer

Name : Hal Barwood

As Writing / Writer

Name : Nick McLean

As Camera / Camera Operator

Name : Frank E. Warner

As Sound / Supervising Sound Effects Editor

Name : Charlsie Bryant

As Directing / Script Supervisor

Name : George Jenson

As Art / Production Illustrator

Name : Jerry Belson

As Writing / Writer

Name : John Hill

As Writing / Writer

Name : Kenneth Wannberg

As Sound / Music Editor

Name : Don MacDougall

As Sound / Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Name : Sam Gordon

As Crew / Property Master

Name : Earl Gilbert

As Lighting / Gaffer

Name : Pete Turner

As Camera / Still Photographer

Name : Peter Sorel

As Camera / Still Photographer

Name : Jim Coe

As Camera / Still Photographer

Name : Murray Weissman

As Production / Publicist

Name : Al Ebner

As Production / Publicist

Name : Joe O'Har

As Production / Location Manager

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