The Host (2006)

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Title:The Host
Original Title:괴물
Director:Bong Joon-ho
Country: South Korea
Language: 한국어/조선말
Runtime:119 min.
Genre:Horror, Drama, Science Fiction

 Production Company:Cineclick Asia, Happinet Pictures, Cheongeoram, CJ Capital Investment


Gang-du is a dim-witted man working at his father's tiny snack bar near the Han River. One day, Gang-du's one and only daughter Hyun-seo comes back from school irritated. She is angry at her uncle, Nam-il, who visited her school as her guardian shamelessly drunk. Ignoring her father's excuses for Nam-il, Hyun-seo is soon engrossed in her aunt Nam-joo's archery tournament on TV. Meanwhile, outside of the snack bar, people are fascinated by an unidentified object hanging onto a bridge. In an instant, the object reveals itself as a terrifying creature turning the riverbank into a gruesome sea of blood¡¦ Amid the chaos, Hyun-seo is helplessly snatched up by the creature right before Gang-du's eyes. These unforeseen circumstances render the government powerless to act. But receiving a call of help from Hyun-seo, the once-ordinary citizen Gang-du and his family are thrust into a battle with the monster to rescue their beloved Hyun-seo.

Photo of Song Kang-ho
Photo of Byun Hee-bong
Photo of Park Hae-il
Photo of Bae Doo-Na
Photo of Go Ah-sung
Photo of Oh Dal-su
Photo of Lee Jae-eung
Photo of Lee Dong-Ho
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Photo of Lee Seung-jin

Name : Bong Joon-ho

As Directing / Director

Name : Chul-hyun Baek

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Bong Joon-ho

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Choi Yong-bae

As Production / Producer

Name : Lee Byung-woo

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Kim Hyung-ku

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Ryu Seong-hee

As Art / Production Design

Name : Junyoung Jang

As Production / Producer

Name : Junyoung Jang

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : Kim Sun-min

As Editing / Editor

Name : Karen Kelly

As Visual Effects / Visual Effects Coordinator

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