Tokyo Story (1953)

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Title:Tokyo Story
Original Title:東京物語
Director:Yasujirō Ozu, Shōhei Imamura
Country: Japan
Language: 日本語
Runtime:136 min.

 Production Company:Shôchiku Eiga


An old couple visit their children and grandchildren in the city, but the children have little time for them.

Photo of Chishû Ryû
Photo of Chieko Higashiyama
Photo of Setsuko Hara
Photo of Haruko Sugimura
Photo of Sô Yamamura
Photo of Kuniko Miyake
Photo of Kyôko Kagawa
Photo of Eijirō Tōno
Photo of Nobuo Nakamura
Photo of Shirô Ôsaka
Photo of Hisao Toake
Photo of Teruko Nagaoka
Photo of Mutsuko Sakura
Photo of Toyo Takahashi
Photo of Tôru Abe
Photo of Sachiko Mitani
Photo of Ryôko Mizuki
Photo of Keijirô Morozumi
Photo of Shozo Suzuki
Photo of Haruko Chichibu
Photo of Takashi Miki
Photo of Binnosuke Nagao

Name : Yasujirō Ozu

As Directing / Director

Name : Kogo Noda

As Writing / Writer

Name : Yasujirō Ozu

As Writing / Writer

Name : Takeshi Yamamoto

As Production / Producer

Name : Takanobu Saitô

As Sound / Original Music Composer

Name : Yûharu Atsuta

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Yoshiyasu Hamamura

As Editing / Editor

Name : Tatsuo Hamada

As Art / Production Design

Name : Tatsuo Hamada

As Art / Art Direction

Name : Taizô Saitô

As Costume & Make-Up / Costume Design

Name : Shōhei Imamura

As Directing / Assistant Director

Name : Yoshisaburo Senoo

As Sound / Sound

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