The Drum (1938)

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Title:The Drum
Director:Zoltan Korda
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Runtime:104 min.
Genre:Adventure, War

 Production Company:London Film Productions


Set in the India of the British Raj, the evil and untrustworthy Prince Guhl (Raymond Massey) plans to wipe out the British troops as they enjoy the hospitality of Guhl's spacious palace. It's up to the loyal young Prince Azim (Sabu) to warn the troops of Guhl's treachery by tapping out a message on his drum.

Photo of Sabu
Photo of Raymond Massey
Photo of Valerie Hobson
Photo of Roger Livesey
Photo of David Tree
Photo of Desmond Tester
Photo of Francis L. Sullivan
Photo of Archibald Batty
Photo of Frederick Culley
Photo of Amid Taftazani
Photo of Laurence Baskcomb
Photo of Roy Emerton
Photo of Michael Martin Harvey
Photo of Martin Walker
Photo of Ronald Adam

Name : Zoltan Korda

As Directing / Director

Name : A.E.W. Mason

As Writing / Writer

Name : Lajos Biró

As Writing / Adaptation

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