Hart Beat (2016)

Poster of Hart Beat (2016)
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Title:Hart Beat
Director:Hans Somers
Country: Netherlands
Language: Nederlands
Runtime:86 min.
Genre:Family, Comedy, Drama

 Production Company:Kaap Holland Film, Nickelodeon


Making music means everything for the shy Zoë. But since her father left, she never played guitar again. When she is hit by the bus from Mik, superstar Bieber size, sparks fly allthough she is not a fan at first. Off course, people around the two love birds dont exactly cooperate to make things work...

Photo of Vajèn van den Bosch
Photo of Rein van Duivenboden
Photo of Monsif Bakkali
Photo of Stephanie van Eer
Photo of Holly Mae Brood
Photo of Britt Scholte
Photo of Jelka van Houten
Photo of Vivienne van den Assem
Photo of Martijn Fischer
Photo of Brownie Dutch
Photo of Eric van Sauers
Photo of Géza Weisz
Photo of Bas Hoeflaak
Photo of Tara Hetharia
Photo of Joy Wielkens
Photo of Barbara Pouwels

Name : Hans Somers

As Directing / Director

Name : Anjali Taneja

As Writing / Writer

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