The Spacewalker (2017)

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Title:The Spacewalker
Original Title:Время первых
Director:Dmitriy Kiselev
Country: Russia
Language: Pусский
Runtime:140 min.
Genre:Adventure, Drama, History, Thriller

 Production Company:Bazelevs Production


March 1965. In the heat of the Cold War, the USA and the USSR are competing for supremacy in space. What both superpowers aim for in this race, is to be the first to have a man walk in outer space. To accomplish that, no price is too high and no risk is too great. Now it’s up to the unlikely duo of a seasoned war veteran and a hot-headed test-pilot to fulfill this mission. Two men in a tiny spaceship, without proper testing, facing the complete unknown… They were supposed to do what no man has done before – and no man imagined what would happen next…

Photo of Evgeny Mironov
Photo of Konstantin Khabenskiy
Photo of Vladimir Ilin
Photo of Anatoliy Kotenyov
Photo of Aleksandra Ursulyak
Photo of Elena Panova
Photo of Aleksandr Ilin
Photo of Yuriy Itskov
Photo of Kirill Poluhin
Photo of Vitaliya Kornienko
Photo of Saveliy Kudryashov
Photo of Alexandr Filatov
Photo of Sergey Galakhov

Name : Dmitriy Kiselev

As Directing / Director

Name : Yuri Korotkov

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Irina Pivovarova

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Timur Bekmambetov

As Production / Producer

Name : Sergey Ageev

As Production / Producer

Name : Evgeny Mironov

As Production / Producer

Name : Yury Poteenko

As Sound / Music

Name : Alexandr Vartanov

As Sound / Music

Name : Vladimir Bashta

As Camera / Director of Photography

Name : Anton Anisimov

As Editing / Editor

Name : Alexey Kumakshin

As Editing / Editor

Name : Andrey Shugaev

As Editing / Editor

Name : Alexey Elensky

As Editing / Digital Intermediate

Name : Sergey Nesterov

As Editing / First Assistant Editor

Name : Sergey Savko

As Crew / Sequence Supervisor

Name : Alexandr Gorokhov

As Visual Effects / Visual Effects Producer

Name : Sergei Nevshupov

As Visual Effects / Visual Effects Supervisor

Name : Pavel Perepyolkin

As Visual Effects / Visual Effects Supervisor

Name : Ivan Titov

As Sound / Sound

Name : Nikolay Bulygin

As Editing / Editor

Name : Sergey Kaluzhanov

As Writing / Screenplay

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