Angel of Evil (2010)

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Title:Angel of Evil
Original Title:Vallanzasca - Gli angeli del male
Director:Michele Placido
Country: Italy
Language: Italiano
Runtime:102 min.
Genre:Crime, Drama

 Production Company:Babe Films, Canal+, Cosmo Productions


Set in Italy in the 1970s, VALLANZASCA is the true story of the Italian underworld’s most infamous outlaw. A criminal by age 9, Renato Vallanzasca grew up to become the country’s most notorious mobster before the age of 27. Vallanzasca and his gang wrested control of the Milan underworld with a string of high profile robberies, kidnappings and murders. In the process, he captivated the public and earned the nickname ‘il bel Renè’ – for his devilish charm and handsome face. Arrested multiple times, his daring escapes from prison enraged the government, angered his rivals and fed his legend.

Photo of Kim Rossi Stuart
Photo of Filippo Timi
Photo of Stefano Chiodaroli
Photo of Paolo Mazzarelli
Photo of Nicola Acunzo
Photo of Gaetano Bruno
Photo of Lino Guanciale
Photo of Moritz Bleibtreu
Photo of Paz Vega
Photo of Francesco Scianna
Photo of Monica Bârlădeanu

Name : Michele Placido

As Directing / Director

Name : Elide Melli

As Production / Producer

Name : Kim Rossi Stuart

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Michele Placido

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Antonio Leotti

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Toni Trupia

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Andrea Leanza

As Writing / Screenplay

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